Hon. B. Kin, Dip DTBC, CDBC

TUPAC Token Canadian/Behavioral & Training Consultant

Sarah Dykes obtained her honours undergraduate degree in Kinesiology at McMaster University, with a special interest in coaching and outdoor education.  After years of coaching and beginning a second degree in social work, Sarah shifted her interests to dog behavior.

Sarah is a certified dog behavior consultant and is the owner/ consultant of Bad Dogs Gone Good Dog Training & Behavior Consulting Services.  She has been attending seminars/ symposiums/ workshops throughout North America for 16 years and has presented at international conferences.  Sarah has worked in shelters, veterinary clinics, with animal control facilities and on research studies and has worked with special canine populations, such as retired sled dogs.  She currently lives with two dogs - Shorty, who competes in in barn hunt, and Mulder, who competes in protection sports and scent detection.

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